The Secrets of Mens Body Language
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The Secrets of Mens Body Language

The secrets of men's body language, and how you can use it to your benefits.

Your own body language reveals your feelings and meanings to others, and conversely, other people's body language reveals their feelings and meanings to you, as long as you know how to read them.

Most body language signals happen on conscious and unconscious levels, so some you will decipher naturally.


So hold tight girls, I am going to let you in on some secrets that will tell you just what, are the intentions of the man of your dreams? and whether he is attracted to you by studying his body language.

All people give out body language and in the case of flirting, men and woman have their very own set of non-verbal communications, so remember you too are giving out your own signals.

Licking his lips

You must have seen a Tom and Jerry cartoon where Tom is eyeing up Jerry, knife and fork in his hand licking his lips? Well in his book “The Power of Body Language” Tonya Reiman writes “We lick our lips in anticipation when we see something we desire,” we get nervous and our saliva glands stop secreting and of course our mouths become dry, so we lick our lips.


The beauty is he doesn’t know he’s doing it so you have the edge on him, another point to watch out for is his eyes, if he gives you a lot of eye contact, at the lease it proves he is interested in you or what you are saying, if you get little direct eye contact then he’s not interested.

He is not interested in you

The saying “The eye’s are the windows of the soul” is very true, if when first meeting him he looks first at your face and then his eyes scroll down your body to your feet and back again, he’s checking you out, if he doesn’t, it means after seeing your face he is not interested in the rest of you, sorry but its true.

However if you do get a scan and it is then followed by a smile, your in, you pulled.

If you like him and you want to continue but still not to sure if he is interested again keep your eye on his, if you get a look from him where he looks from eye to eye I can tell you now “He wants you”.


Now lets look again at this smile, its very important, if he gives you a genuine smile most of his facial muscles move, the muscles on his forehead push down, cheek and jaw muscles move and his eyes go all soft and slightly squashed.

In a forced smile, one in which he would give you, if he just wants your body and not you, would be that only the muscles in his mouth move. And his eyes would be round with an “Awake” look.

Be warned of foreigners

So you see, to be forearmed is to be forewarned, one word of caution, if your new conquest is from another country, his body language could mean something else, and if it’s a man reading this, he might just use this information to mislead (As if we would)

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Comments (14)

Very Interesting read Johnny !

Suzi xxx

Ahh I love this one Johnny, lol very informative as well as humorous too. Excellent job I have to say. I love when you write facts an make them understandable to read, see you should write books an teach too. Your a gifted Sweet Johnny Dear. Well job done here, made me smile genuinely too. thanks as always for sharing with me. Its always a joy.

Neva Flores

excellent article..............


Interesting post. Some secrets of men revealed. I just like to add that most men who have no interest in women also play dumb. One way to drive them away he he!


Funny-- Tongue in cheek ?

Absolutely brilliant! I expected a few of these signs, but you presented in a very catching and humorous manner.

Interesting Johnny. I used to receive winks from a lady and still couldn't figure it.

Fantastic, humorous write. I will be looking for the mouth only smile, then I know my body is in for a shaking

Fun read. Coming from a man, I guess I must believe it. :)

Christine Ramsay

Oh that I could still get the glad eye. A very enjoyable post.


Awesome, very interesting.

Fantastic write Johnny. Very interesting and informative. I like the added humor and the Tom and Jerry scenerio, so I know that if he is licking his lips and has constant eye contact I may just want to flip my hair back or turn and run away depending on what he looks like. lol Fab stuff my friend a very enjoyable read! You have my buzz and vote.

Maximilian Montes

So true and I am not denying anything ;) So girls watch me lick my lips... It means, if you have something edible, give it to me coz I am always hungry lol... Good post man!

Nice work John. I've been thinking about it. Well, I'm not good in this sort of thing. I have seen girls wink at me and smile, but I tend to ignore. Once, I even looked behind me but no one's there. Eh, it's a good sign, right? :-)